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It's a new year. Had high hopes of new changes. Changes must be gradual. The year started out with a depressing mood.  Got to get out of my present sphere of comfort to move on. Seeing my soon to be ex-wife enjoying herself is not good for myself. It will make myself depress further. I'm trying to keep a positive atitudes on life. I can tell others to be positive and move on yet I can't practice myself. I know what I needed to do. Just wondering why what's holding me back? I used to have a good friend that encourage me. Rather than go into details. We got romantically involved. Our special friendship ended two days before the New Year over silly issue. Tried to communicate with her but no reply. Maybe is faith that ended the relationship. It was faith that brought us together 6 months ago. She left me for a reason. FAITH.. I strongly believe in it. Therefore, I will let faith lead me to the answer of why...

Reflecting back past years, I realize what my flaws are. This is a new year. A new beginning. Let learn from my past and better my tomorrow. I know I can do it!! Peter, let re-trench a new beginning. Believe in myself. Only I can make it happen. M and W can't help you. They have their own objectives. Yes, they did cared about you. They had moved on. Lets not look back. Instead look forward. First, I should thanks both of them for their loves. The rest will come. Faith will present itself a new chapter for you to experience. Let it come, no rush. Can I practice what I preach here? Will try!! It's a New Year. Let make this happen!!! Practice what I preach. Learn from my past mistakes and live life to the best of my abilities.. 2013.. Will it be a new beginning? Will check back...

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